Rotomolding Plastic Process

Roto-molding is a process for molding many types of hollow-centered items made out of plastic. The process involves a heated hollow mold which is filled. Then the machine slowly rotate causing the softened plastic to disperse and stick to the walls of the mold. In order to maintain an even thickness throughout the part, the mold continues to rotate at all times during the heating phase and to avoid sagging or deformation during the cooling phase.

Product Design & Engineering

Our knowledgeable engineering team provides design assistance, project and production management and product review services to ensure your products meet or exceed expectations from start to finish.

Mold Making

The most important thing to consider with all types of molding is the quality of the mold. There is no substitute for an excellent mold. A Production rotational molder can advise you on the type of mold best for your application, and the plastic material most suitable for your product.

Manufacturing and Sourcing

We can help your company source the highest quality products from various countries to help you find the most suitalbe material at the most cost-effetive system.


Most products require assembly, graphics, finishing, and structural enhancements. These are often easier and more cost effective to have us complete that work for you. Assembly work can include adding wheels, fasteners, hinges, closures, handles or printed pattern. Our team could then send you the finished products that is ready to be used without worrying about the assembly process.

Quality Control & Storage

By the nature of the rotational molding process, each part being molded will have its own specifications with regard to thickness of the products, geometries, and strength.
OPI’s quality control team works diligently with the customer and engineering to review and identify any flaw to ensure only products that meet the strictest regulation leave the factory’s door.Then we go on to the process of storing your products in our spacious storage unit until they are ready to be shipped to you directly.


We have close ties with shipping companies and we are equppied with the experience of handling customers’ shipping while offering very competitive freight rates.

Mold Maintenance

Ocean Plastic Intertrade provides maintenance and tool repair to ensure your molds are always production ready and running efficiently.