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Ocean Plastic Intertrade (OPI) is Thailand's most reliable plastic rotational molding manufacturer. OPI was one of the pioneers of roto-molded products in Thailand. We have over 25 years of experience in the most advanced plastic rotational moulding techniques. At OPI we aim to create seamless, quality products that satisfy the needs of every client.

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What distinguishes us in plastic manufacturing is our focus on the smallest details and the drive to provide you with the most suitable and high-quality product for your business purpose. OPI has always been the leader in innovative products in Southeast Asia. With years of expertise from working with all types of roto-molded products, we are your best choice for a trusted partner.

Our management system and procedures allow us to provide you with roto-molded parts that exceed the capabilities of most rotational molders. We believe that 'Bigger Capability' comes with 'Bigger Possibilities' and Bigger 'Opportunities' for your business.

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