Ocean Plastic Intertrade (OPI) was founded some 25 years ago (late 1980s) in the Kingdom of Thailand as a small family business (SFB) for the production of plastic ice boxes for commercial use. We were among the pioneer plastic ice box producers in the country. Our established corporate-wide top-down quality culture, incorporating both modern technology and traditional handicraft skills, is inherited and being kept diligently by the founding family’s second generation.

OPI today is still fully owned and managed by its founding family, and has developed into a global business enterprise (GBE) during the past two decades, exporting its wide range of products to Australia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, India, Pakistan, and the USA, in addition to the domestic Thai market and its ASEAN neighbors.

In response to the ideas proposed by our customers, employees and strategic partners, OPI has been able to successfully branch itself out into the production and marketing of a wide range of innovative product items, taking the advantage of our expertise and experience accumulated within our blockbuster plastic ice box manufacturing business.  With an extensive use of modern Rotational Molding technology (also popularly known as ROTO-Molding) into our manufacturing process, it makes possible for our production programs to be more versatile, cost-effective as well as more efficient in quality controls and conceptual developments reflecting customer needs.